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“Tour De Romance” Endorsements

“It has been my privilege to work with Michael O’Brien on several occasions at marriage enrichment events.  Michael is the ‘real thing’.  His music grows out of his life.  I am always encouraged when I hear him. I highly recommend his music and this Evening of Romance.”
(Gary D. Chapman, author of The Five Love Languages)

“Tour de Romance” is an exceptional evening or weekend experience. Michael takes all of his passion and skills, and creates an inspirational and romantic time for couples of all ages. We enthusiastically endorse Michael and “Tour De Romance.”
(Eric and Jennifer Garcia / Co-founders Association of Marriage and Family Ministries – AMFM)

“It’s about time that we had some real romantic Music from a Christian’s perspective. The “Tour de Romance” helps us experience that with our spouse’s. Michael O’Brien is a pioneer leading the charge. I highly recommend this evening.”
(Bubba Cathy/Senior Vice Pres. of Chic-Fil-A/Winshape Foundation/Marriage CoMission)

“Michael O’Brien’s “Tour de Romance” brought a fresh wind of romance and musical beauty to the couples at our conference and now to marriage events across America. His artistry, voice, and lyrics bring the songs of his heart to life, inspiring love, tenderness, and fresh discovery to our marriages.”
(Jeff and Gail Fray/Marriage CoMission)

“We all know that Michael O’Brien has amazing talent as a singer and songwriter. But what makes Michael one of my favorite artists is that he doesn’t just sing about love, he walks out a passionate, heartfelt love with the Lord and with his precious wife.”
(Dr. Greg Smalley/Author/speaker)

“‘Tour de Romance’ is a date night for all couples. Michael O’Brien is funny, entertaining, and the music is beautiful and romantic. As Michael shares his heart, you realize that God truly has inspired this evening.”
(Dr. Tim Clinton/President of American Association of Christian Counselors)

“Michael O’Brien is one of the most gifted and talented artists that I know and he is much more than just a great performer. His strong voice and gifts as a songwriter are surpassed only by His love for the Lord, his precious wife, his heart for healthy marriages and a passion that comes through in ways that captivates an audience. He is a breath of fresh air. With his great voice, powerful lyrics and passionate heart he can wrap an audience in the palm of his hand and have them leave with a better understanding of what real love looks like and a new hope for their own marriage relationship while having enjoyed an amazing evening. Don’t ever pass up an opportunity to hear Michael.”
(Gary J. Oliver/Ph.D./Author/Speaker)

“When was the last time you took a deep breath, allowed the music to draw you closer to God and into greater intimacy with your spouse? This describes the experience that Barb and I have each time we are with Michael O’Brien. Michael’s “Tour de Romance” will give you a breath of fresh air with your spouse. Enjoy this Date Night…you and your kids deserve the break from the pace of life to allow your marriage to experience a night of togetherness.”
(Dr. Gary and Barb Rosberg/Authors/Speakers/Founders of Your Marriage Coaches)

“Michael and Heidi O’Brien are uniquely called, gifted and qualified for reaching young married couples with the transforming message of Christ. Their transparency, humor, and warmth connected very deeply with our couples. Their testimony impacted several couples and infused them with hope and vision. And the joy of having a Romantic evening of ballroom dancing and unbelievable music created a great environment for each couple to receive what the O’Briens have to offer.”
(Eric Reed/Minister to Married Young Adults/Houston’s First Baptist Church)

“In this time of turmoil, never has the message of marriage been so important. Michael O’Brien’s “Tour de Romance” is a guaranteed way to bring couples to a place of realizing the gift that God has given them with their own marriages.”
(Steve and Rajan Trafton/Founders of The Hideaway Experience Amarillo,Tx)

“Michael O’Brien’s ministry had a profound impact on our latest couples event. His heart touching music, and honesty about his own marriage touched the lives of those who attended the conference. One who was separated from her husband has seen her marriage restored through Michael’s ministry! I will definitely have Michael O back.”
(Tom Tuttle – Ministry/Outreach Pastor Chesapeake, Va)

“Michael and his band were great! The quality of music was as good as it gets and our couples loved the romantic outing. It was neat to see couples scoot closer to each other, put their arms around one another, laugh, cry, and just enjoy being in the moment. Michael’s musical repertoire enabled him to connect with the people using meaningful, uplifting music that honors God as well as his own humorous twists on some old classics. His willingness to share about his own marital ups and downs was evidence of his passion to help couples strengthen their bond.”
(Preston Crowe/Life Care Pastor/Jackson, Ms)

“What a fantastic night we had with Michael, his wife, and his band.  I have heard such glowing feedback!  So many comments of what a great night it was and how special it was…  Some have said, “It’s the best event that I have been to at Southeast!”  I have not heard anything but praise and appreciation for the evening!  Their spirit was wonderful—a great mix of worship, vulnerability, humor and incredible giftedness that simply poured out on a very appreciative and fortunate crowd!”
(Don Delafield/Counseling Minister/Louisville, Ky)

“In a time when the people of God are scrambling for answers to the questions about family, faith, and foundations, one clear ministry is shining through.  That ministry is “Tour de Romance”, date night for couples, presented by Michael O’Brien.  In all my years of ministry I have never seen something so needed in churches presented in such a caring and creative way.  If you are looking for an event that will do everything you need to under gird the lives of couples in your church, then look no further.  Schedule the “Tour de Romance” and be ready for God to do an amazing thing that will impact the marriages in your church.   Better than that, give me a call, and I will gladly share the multiple testimonies of how marriages were changed forever here at Scott’s Hill.”
(David Warren/Worship Pastor/Scotts Hill Baptist Church)

“Not everyone who can play music is a musician. Not everyone who writes songs is a songwriter. Not everyone who sings moves people. Michael is an anointed musician, an inspired songwriter and his heart for God ushers us to love each other in a more meaningful way and centers us on the Lord.”
(Nathan and Jane Phillips- Battlefield Ministries – Rome, Ga

“Our people loved it…. not because it was another nice church thing to do, but because it meets an extremely important and often neglected need. Michael and Heidi both speakright to the heartof marriage and they bring Christ into the conversation, into the middle of marriage. One of the reasons their story and ministry are so powerful is that it’s not wrapped up in Christian pleasnatries—-it’s real. The issues and problems were real life….and becasue their challenges have been real…people can see that the healing and restoration is real.” (Darren Walter, Pastor of Current- A Christian Church)