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“A songwriter is only as good as the singer who interprets his work. Therefore, we tend to be critical about our messengers. I can’t imagine a more eloquent troubadour than Michael O’Brien. One of God’s most gifted singing angels!”
(Hugh Martin/Songwriter/Have Yourself  a Merry Little Christmas)

“One of my favorite singers of all time with one of the greatest voices I have ever heard.”
(Mark Wills/Artist)

“Michael O’Brien has outdone himself! This album is wonderful, and highly recommended for all married couples. It’s about time that someone has given us a clean, passionate, beautiful backdrop for falling in love all over again. The lyrics are vulnerable, honest, and flavored with poetry. The singing is classic yet fresh, and the production is sonically beautiful, and very tastefully done. Out of four stars, I’d give it a six!”
(Nicole Mullen/Artist/Songwriter)

“Michael O’Brien is such a phenomenal talent. His voice is a rare breed in today’s musical climate. I’m a sucker for music with a nostalgic sound. This is just pure, good classic music. I also believe in what he stands for. A lot of people sing about love, but few people talk about commitment and even fewer live it out. He reminds us all what true love is all about.”
(Natalie Grant/Artist/songwriter)

“To write songs like these, you have to believe what you are writing. And to sing songs like these (convincingly) you have to live what you are singing. Michael is a man of integrity and character who believes and lives this music.”
(Peter Furler/Newsboys/Songwriter)

“Michael’s melodic music and melodious voice take me back and move me forward. Back, to a time when songs were crafted and expressed with the passion and finess of the master crooners–Forward, to a time when this music is once again embraced and appreciated. It is comfortable. It is soothing. It is refreshing.”
(Wayne Kirkpatrick/Songwriter/Producer/Artist)

“It’s a rare gift to get an opportunity to write lyrics to ‘classic’ melodies. I’m so excited about these songs! Michael shows his true genius for melodic composition and his voice is a revelation singing them. This is one of the coolest projects I’ve ever worked on!”
(Regie Hamm/Songwriter/Producer/Artist)

“Michael’s voice is so inviting for the listener. I could listen to him all day and all night. His songwriting is so unique and effective. I haven’t heard something this fresh from a male artist in years.”
(Aaron Benward/Artist/Songwriter)

“Michael’s approach to music (and this new album) draws from both the classic elements of a great songwriter/performer and the cutting-edge feel of the new romantic pop movement.”
(Glenn Rosenstein – Producer/Engineer)

“Michael’s new sound is incredible. His voice fits perfectly into this style and the songs are great. Makes me want to cuddle up by the fire with my honey.”
(Scott Krippayne/Artist/Songwriter)

“Michael O’Brien reminds us all that passion and romance are God-given gifts for a husband and his bride. These are not just beautiful, soulful songs. They are modern-day sonnets.”
(David Nasser/Author/Speaker)

“In a world that seems to devalue committed marriage, it’s refreshing to hear a man sing true love songs to his wife. May they inspire and call everyone who hears them to remember what a gift it is to be loved by someone for life.”
(Kim Hill/Artist/songwriter/Single Mom)

“Crooners of old would tip their hats to a cat named Michael O’Brien. Too many try to emulate the greats and fall short, but not Michael. Smooth vocals and songs that warm the heart intersect with amazing effect. The melodies are haunting, the vocals are golden, the cd is a must.”
(Randy Phillips/Phillips Craig and Dean/Songwriter)

“I played just one song of Michael’s new record and I could not believe the reaction from our core female audience. Michael’s new album is refreshing yet somehow familiar and like sonic comfort food. Michael’s voice just drives our adult females crazy. This record is THE record to hear in 2006.”
(D C Chymes/Radio Personality)

“Michael’s songs are modern day classics. I feel like I’ve known them for years”
(Bryan Lennox/Producer/Engineer)

“Michael O”Brien’s newest offering has the best balance of vocal and musical innovation that I have seen in many years. Reminiscent of John Mayer or Alicia Key’s remarkable breakthrough statements, Michael O’Brien is about to be heard from.”
(Barry Landis/Music Executive)

“Michael O’Brien is an artist who has the rare ability to create musical masterpieces by combining unparalleled vocal abilities with heartfelt passion. This collection of songs will reach deep into your soul and fill it with pure love and inspiration.”
(Leigh Cappillino – Point of Grace)

“I love music like this that instantly draws me in and keeps me captivated. This is how I felt when I first heard Michael’s songs. They are classic and beautiful, thoughtful and tender, honest and full of heart. A quiet passion is evident in them and I will be a long-time listener.”
(Kristin Schweain/Zoegirl)